Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies

Senior Marketing Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nishea Clark over the last year on market research projects involving a critical launch brand for Otsuka. Nishea brings a very thoughtful approach to finding insight, taking special care to choose the right methodology for each project. She includes quite innovative approaches in her offerings, and often goes well beyond merely asking customers what they think in order to uncover deeper insight. Nishea maintains a high level of engagement in all aspects of the research to ensure our business questions are answered on time and within budget. I’ve always been impressed by her tremendous versatility, comfortably wearing several hats as business leader, research facilitator and moderator. It is no surprise that NVC Consulting continues to grow!

Global Life Science


Nishea is a very intelligent and pragmatic expert in market research who will tailor the research plan and help you implement it according to your timing and budget. She is also doing an excellent job at working with the marketing team in order to understand the strengths and marketing challenges of the products. She is also highly versed in all new techniques and methodologies.

SVP Consumer & Digital Marketing

MTV Networks

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Nishea for a number of years. She provides clear strategic insights to every project she touches and brings immediate value to the process.

The Dunn Group

Competitive Intelligence Manager

I wholeheartedly recommend Nishea. She is solid across the board. Look at her deep work experience. Then know you’ll be getting a person with broad market knowledge, focused project design and execution, and no-nonsense expectations of herself and her team along the way. She is able to side-step politics without stepping on toes or egos. She performs, even under stress which would intimidate or incapacitate others. She is quick to the point of “What does this mean? How does this affect our Client?” without losing the critical details, nuances and integrity of the underlying research. In my view, these are the marks of a seasoned pro. If you are considering Nishea for a project, she is worthy of your short-list for full review. Once on-board, you may find her indispensable.

US Army

Account Director

Nishea’s work developing the strategic platform to serve as the key driver for communications targeting African American recruits was a huge asset to US Army business. Her insight and expertise made her an invaluable part of the team during the development FY-03 US Army Communications Plan. Nishea’s work will serve as a key building block for all Army African American recruitment efforts in the near future.